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For Sale

None of the young rabbits offered for sale leave here until they are at least 8 weeks of age.  If they do not seem big enough to leave at that time, I keep them here for an extra week or so, as moving is very stressful for a young rabbit so they must be 100% fit before making that change.

The babies are advertised a couple of weeks before they can leave, allowing time to visit and actually look at them.

A deposit of 10 per rabbit will secure any stock offered for sale.  Prices start from 30. Rabbits can be reserved and a collection date arranged a few weeks later to accommodate holidays and other commitments.

Before making a final decision on any rabbit, you are very welcome to visit to see them.

All my rabbits are used to being handled and seeing dogs.

I am in Marlow, Bucks.


Currently Available Rabbits  - updated 21 April 2013


The next litter will be ready in around 3 weeks. There are 6 in total. All look to be bucks (boys) at this stage. There are self chocolate, far left, black otter (middle) chocolate otter (right)

35 each.


Agouti mini lop ready for a new home now. 30



Hutch Recommendations

If you need a hutch for your rabbit I can recommend these 2 people. As their hutches are custom-made it may take a few weeks for your new hutch to be ready.

Brian at Superpets has made me 3 blocks of hutches. His prices are very reasonable. Telephone: 0118 966 7955. (Not sure he is still in business but do try his number)

Also Ross Tynan for good quality hutches: 07717 132 675.


Pet Sitters

Both used and recommended for dog and rabbit sitting.

Paddy's Pets: 07818021868.

Smiley Pets: or call 07751 242723

















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